Assembly encompasses the steps of constructing a finished product from components or partially compiled units. Assembly results in assemblies and sub-assemblies ready for sale and implementation by the customer.

Assembly Line

An assembly line is a manufacturing process where each part is arranged to produce a product faster than conventional manufacturing methods.

In the assembly line method, the movement of workers is minimized as little as possible. The components to be installed are usually placed on conveyors and run in the order of the product manufacturing process.

Finished Goods

Take a look at some of the finished goods manufactured from our latest fabrication projects.

  • Duct Sub-Assy Evap To Reg (LHD)

    Cover Shock Absorber Dust (BML)

    Duct ASM A Cleaner Inlet (BML)

    Duct ASM Vent CTR (BML)

  • Duct ASM Vent CTR (BML) VT02

    Duct Assy Air BZ420

    Duct Sub-Assy Evapzo Reg D55L (RHD)

    Rear Spoiler Xenia D12L (Blow)

  • Filter Hose

    Rear Upper Spoiler D30 (BML)

    Reserve Tank

    Reserve Tank Hino

  • Reserve Tank Radiator (BML)

    Support RR Suspension (BML)

    Delta Bedding

    Delta Bedding Isometric